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January 22, 2013
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Bubblestreams plea by DancingfoxesLF Bubblestreams plea by DancingfoxesLF


Hi guys! Just checking up before college and saw how many people dont know the story! Ah sorry I was so tired last night and forgot to add the basic story>>>>

(ALSO WOW! I cant belive how many favs im getting right now, thanks so muchhh :iconawwwplz: I dont deserve anywhere near this many but I always squee when I see them ;w; LOVEYOUDABRO'S:iconletmehugyouplz:)

Back in rapidclan After bubblepaws parents had left ((Doetail had been taken by a bobcat and Dragonblaze had gone after her so thats why those two ended up in heatherclan) Bubblepaw was alone with ehr siblings and best friend Bonepaw. A few weeks later disaster had struck the camp when a large bearcub had wondered in, panicked from seeing the cats and ended up killing a elder and apprentice and most of the dens. Bubblepaw couldnt take it anymore. The apprentice had been a good friend and she ran from the camp into rapidclan territory to let out her grief. Bonepaw seeing her run off ran after her worried and tried to calm her down once they were alone and comfort here about her friend. But suddlny things turned from comfort to something else and coming back to camp bubblepaw and bonepaw couldnt meet eyes anymore. After a few days Billypaw had enough, he'd been having his own troubles with mimipaw and wanted to leave! So asked bubblepaw to come with him and find thier mum and dad. Spike and snowprancer ended up following later. But on thier 3 moon journey bubblepaw was pregnant and near the end of her journey to heatherclan had her two kits prowlerkit and voltagekit. Bubblepaw was so happy and loved them so much and Billypaw told her with deep sadness that she wouldnt be allowed in a clan as an apprentice with kits (Because it was so forbidden) And The only reason she let them go in the end was because the kits may not have suvived without a clan. So billlypaw went into heatherclan first so they could be accepted and then went in to the nursery to tell the two queens about what had happened. Lucklily they were symathetic and agreed to take a kit, but each queen would could only take one. So later on after bubblepaw had to let them go billypaw snuck them into camp. And a few days later when bubblepaw felt she could see her parents again came into heatherclan with billypaw but could never let herself go near the nursery and see what she had lost. And only as they became apprentices watched them from the sidelines with pained eyes. But then Bonepaw/Roughsound came back and changed everything :eyes:

ill reply to comments later! About to go to college ^^ Hope this helps! If not just spam me with questions ;3


The truth has come out!!! :iconreactionplz:
Aww bubble is so close to getting her family and refuses to stop trying to convince her little voltagekit (whos actually angry voltagepaw)

Sketched this straight after mine, roozuls, panthers and mistys four way RP with all our charries (BG TOOK SO LOOONG x.x)

Summary of the story ^^ (Alot of events have been skipped out, only enough to explain this picture ;3)

Bubblestream came into camp after hunting a rabbit and glanced around to camp to see if there was a cat out that wanted to share it. Suddlny spotting prowlerpaw she held her breath but curiousity suddelny over took her determination to keep away, she HAD to get to know her son! And it was normal for warriors to talk to thier clanmates wasnt it?!....
Before she could change her mind bubblestream swiveled on her paws and headed towards prowlerpaw. Stopping infron of his she dropped the rabbit by his paws and gave him a warm blink asking if he'd like to share? Prolwerpaw grinned and mewed he'd loved to eagerly before they both shimmied down to eat the skinny prey. Unable to help herself bubblestream began to curiously ask questions like did he have good friends and who were his parents? (She never knew which cats brought her kits up being to upset to want to find out) After a little while Prowlwerpaw stopped eating and looked at bubblestream directly "I know your my mother bubblestream!" Suddelny freezing she didnt know what to do and could barley take in his words before he got up and raced happily up to her "Iv'e always known! My parents told me I was adopted when I was old enough to learn! They told me everything bubblestream! I just wanted you to tell me thats all, and ..Do I have any siblings!?" Choking with emotion Bubblestream suddlny hugged her baby boy close "Im soo sorry I never told you I'I thought it was for the best! I've always loved you and have tried my best to protect you from the sidelines" She laughed with happiness as prowlerpaw snuggled upto her side and a purr bursting from her chest began to lick his tuft, giggleing when it stuck up "Your father will be back any minute, he's only just learned about you" She smiled warmly and felt love overwhelm her "And yes...You have a sister Prowlerpaw" Hesitantly she took a breath but knew he hadto know "You may know her as voltagepaw...."

--------------Roughsound comes back, meets his son and bonds, plays with bubblestream and prowlerpaw until eventually they know its time to tell thier daughter--------

Prowlerpaw running to get volatgepaw Roughsound and bubblestream walk side by side heading out of camp, knowing this couldnt be something done infront of thier clanmates. Bubblestream nervouse but determined tries to be strong while Roughsound has flashbacks of his own brother who acted so simalar to voltagepaw. As he mews some of this aloud in his daydream bubblestream presses to his side knowing he had trouble with his sibling, but never knew why "She's NOT the same cat Bone, She's YOUR daughter, She has every reason to be angry" She reasurred him gentley but roughsound to overwhelmed with memories could barley take in her words. As they reached the hollow, prowlerpaw lead an angry, spitting voltagepaw into the opening glaring at the all to demand why traveler filth needed to talk to her so badley. Prowlerpaw just as angry starts spittign back at her and begin to get in a small scrap but roughsound with a booming voice ends the small scuffle for attention.
Bubblestream quietly stepping forward mews "Your here becuase its about time you knew you wernt abandoned, those cats-They wernt your parents Voltagepaw!....We are" At this voltagepaw begins hissing curses and calling them lying traveler filth, hating them for even mentioning her parents! And bit by bit insults all her family members around her, Roughsound and prowlerpaw reacting instanty growl back warnings where bubblestrea closes her eyes in frustratin and hopelessness as she knows her baby girls about to leave! Suddlny voltagepaw turning around to storm off angrily bubblestream panics and knows she has do something!

"Voltagepaw!" Bubblestream bit her lip and looked frantically at prowlerpaw, she couldnt leave things like this! She still loved her little girl with all her heart she HAD to make her understand "Please voltagepaw just wait!" She mewed suddlny pelting ahead and skidding to a halt a little past her daughter so she could suddlny turn around and block her path "Is that all then? You wanted a family didnt you voltagepaw? well here it is! A loving family that wants to be with you and you just want to chuck it all away for some dream parents you made up? Im not afraid of you, your my kit voltagepaw, I love you" She felt her voice crack a little at the last sentence but hardened her eyes so she could continue "You haveto let go little one! You'll never be happy if you dont and, I just want whats best for you, all of us do" She finished with her blue eyes staring into her daughters face, so angry but so beautiful! hopeing something inside might come out that bubblestream knew she had in her....

g2g to bed! Ill be doing more RP scenes soon :iconsupertighthugplz: (After whitey trade and I draw up adult Thorn :eyes:)
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this is really good
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They're all together <3 <3
So bweatiful ;u;
and look at Prowler clinging to daddy...I just can't
Sparrow-puff Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
BEautiful. I'm stealing these hands *Grabbyhands*
I just adore Bubble's face, and prowlerpaw <3<3
DancingfoxesLF Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
*Sees grabby hands coming* NUUU BUBBLES!* Tackles to the ground*.....*Nudges voltage at sparrow with foot* You can takes her? She might hurt bubbles if she stays O.o
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DancingfoxesLF Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Voltage is amazing to draaw! fff :iconsupertighthugplz: DUUDE CANT BELIVE SHES A WARRIOR NOW :'D Are we still going on with this rp or are we leaving it here? xD
PantherDaPsycho Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lets end it :3

Maybe now she is a warrior Bubble can try again on herself.
DancingfoxesLF Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
lol K XD Ill come on skype soon just got to reply to million note rps X.X
PantherDaPsycho Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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